• Add items to the shopping cart.
  • Review shopping cart details.
  • Continue shopping if needed.
  • Select the “Checkout” link.
  • Sign in using an existing Campus Bookstore account.

  Warning IconUWin ID passwords are not linked to the Campus Bookstore online store.


Creating a Campus Bookstore account

  • Enter the selected email address (any valid email is acceptable even
  • Create a password (Controlled password structure required).
  • Verify or update account contact information.
  • Select the preferred shipping address.
    • Same as Billing Address
      • This is the account address to ship the current order and future orders.
    • Use Alternate Address
      • Enter the address details for the location you want the current order shipped that is different than the main account address (Main account address will not change).
    • In-Store Services” (Optional) Read more... 
      • A special shipping address option may be made available at times.
      • In-Store Pickup
        • Order Pickup
        • Refund
        • Buyback
      • Curbside Services (Suspended)
  • Shipping Method (Required)
    • Select the shipping option that corresponds to the order.
    • When free shipping is offered, the $0.00 option must still be selected.
  • Special Instructions Comments
    • Enter general comments that may be needed to complete the order.
    • Add any shipping instructions for a successful delivery where applicable.
  • Promotions (Order Review)
    • Verify order details and total for accuracy.
    • Enter a valid Promo Code (Optional).
      • A valid promo code entered will auto adjust and discount any qualifying items.
        • Continue to shop and add additional items to the shopping cart (Optional).
        • Selecting the "Checkout' link again will recalculate the shipping fees.
        • The promotions page will auto adjust any new discounts that may apply if the code was originally entered.
  • Bank Payment
    • The bank pre-authorization is provided for the next step
    • Enter credit card details exactly as they appear on the card from the following acceptable cards.
      • American Express
      • MasterCard
      • Visa
    • Enter address details associated with the credit card account for verification. (Do not enter order or "ship to" address details.)
    • Identify any warnings during the bank transaction process ensuring that all required fields are filled in. 
    • INTERAC Visa Debit bank cards are not accepted as a form of payment.

Warning IconContact the credit card provider to verify and validate account status if a denied or declined pre-authorization request is displayed. This may resolve most failed requests.

  • Order Confirmation
    • An order confirmation email will be issued when the bank pre-authorization and the online order was fully submitted.
    • For new accounts, an account record will be created with the Campus Bookstore Online store.

Warning IconAn account will not be created in our system if an order confirmation and or a successful bank pre-authorization was not issued on the first order placed with the Campus Bookstore online store. A new order and account will have to be recreated again after validating payment options.

Password Reset

  • If you are unable to login to the Campus Bookstore online store, click on the “Forgot your password?”  link to request a password reset.
  • Enter the same email address used when the account was initially created.
  • An email will be sent with instructions to reset the account password.

Order Inquiries

If you have a question or require assistive support with placing an order from the Campus Bookstore online store, please contact us for assistance.